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Diseases that are transmitted from animals to humans are defined as zoonoses. The spread of these diseases in the human population is often linked to human activity, and the illegal trade of pet animals is an important route of transmission of zoonoses. In fact, animals bought on the black market may come from infected areas, and not be checked from the health point of view. Friuli Venezia Giulia and Carinthia are both transit as destination routes of the illegal trade of pet animals coming from Eastern European countries. The impact of this criminal activity generates negative effects on at least 4 areas: 1. Human health, 2. Animal health & welfare, 3. Market protection, 4. Consumer fraud. The Bio-Crime Project wants to reduce the zoonotic risk through the development of a joint strategy of action, against the illegal trade of pets, as an integrated part of prevention programs relating to human health and to the health and welfare of animals. The Bio-Crime Project would like to implement certain activities in order to reduce illegal pet trade, including: 1. Training courses for public officers, 2. The development of joint operative protocols, 3. The implementation of a digital web platform for sharing data, 4. Epidemiological surveillance of the confiscated animals, 5. Education projects of the citizens of the two Regions. 

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