The “Bio-crime model” of cross-border cooperation among Veterinary Public Health, Justice, 
Law Enforcements and Customs to tackle the Illegal Animal Trade / Bio-terrorism and to prevent the spread of Zoonotic Diseases among Human Population 


Paolo Zucca1,17*, Marie-Christin Rossmann2,17, Jorge E. Osorio3, Kevin Karem4, Paola De Benedictis5, Josef Haißl6, Paola De Franceschi7, Elisa Calligaris7, Michaela Kohlweiß8, Giulio Meddi9, Wolfgang Gabrutsch8, Horst Mairitsch10, Oronzo Greco11, Roberto Furlani11, Marcello Maggio12, Massimiliano Tolomei13, Alessandro Bremini1,17, Ingrid Fischinger2,17, Paolo Zambotto14, Peter Wagner15, Yvonne Millard16, Manlio Palei1, Gianna Zamaro1

Standard Operation Procedures

Performances indicators of cooperation


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