The border regions of north-east Italy and southern Austria are on the transit route for the illegal trade in pets (mainly dogs, cats and birds), mostly from countries in eastern Europe. This illegal practice can help spread zoonoses – infectious diseases, such as rabies or avian chlamydiosis – which are transferred between animals and humans. 

D.G.R. Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia n. 818, 13.5.2016 ITAT 3002 CUP D99D16003450007

Klagenfurt 28 March 2017

Press release

(c) 2017 - Pressekonferenz, Tierschutz, Illegale Tiertransporte durch Kaernten. - Bild zeigt: LH Peter Kaiser und LR Gernot Darmann. Credit Nutzungsbedinungen Fotoservice


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