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The One Health Triangle

The illusory white triangle developed by the Italian perception psychologist Gaetano Kanisza (1955), has been merged with the three components of the theoretical framework of One Health represented by Humans, Animals and the Environment. If you focus your attention on every single component of the triad one at a time, you don’t see any triangle because in the picture there is no triangle. But if you look at the three components at the same time “as a whole”, you see clearly the white triangle. One Health is represented by the white triangle that doesn’t exist but we see. Seeing a white triangle in this illusion demonstrate the Gestalt idea that the sum of visual perception is more than its parts because the observer view all objects together as a single image. The One Health framework origin has been generated by a Holistic approach to One Medicine that is well explained by the Gestalt school of psychology. According to this approach One Health is more than the sum of its three components, One Health is also everything that is in the area of the white triangle and that connects Humans, Animals and the Environment. (original image source Kanizsa 1955 available also as open source on Wikimedia, modified and merged with the One Health triad framework by Paolo Zucca 2021).

DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.15974.14401

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